Discuss Florian's role in Braithwaite's success as a teacher in To Sir, with Love.

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I think the Florian had a unique role in Braithwaite's success.  Florian's philosophy is one that allowed Braithwaite to see that there can be success in the classroom setting.  The unique element here is that Florian's success worked for him.  Florian's methodology could not be immediately appropriated by Braithwaite.  Eventually, Braithwaite had to develop his own philosophy and his own approach to connecting with his students and being successful in his instructional setting.  Through this, Braithwaite demonstrates the chasm between educational theory and practice.  While the former helps to provide the basis for the latter, the former can only be fully accomplished through the presence of the latter.  Educational philosophy is shown to be a source of inspiration and the frame within which one can help to paint a vision of pedagogical effectiveness.  However, the reality is that one's daily practice is what helps brings this philosophy out into reality.  Florian's presence and Braithwaite's response to it embody such a dynamic.

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