Discuss Feminism in Andrew Marvell's"to his coy mistress" Discuss Feminism in Andrew Marvell's "To His Coy Mistress."

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In this age of deconstructivism, it is trendy to attack works for such things as feminism.  If Marvell's speaker were simply trying to seduce the maiden in order to satisfy his prurient desires, it seems dubious that he  would word his prelude to the seduction as he does. And the allusion to her "quaint honor" is not mocking, but flattering as the speaker notes that it would be charming were it not that they have so little time. The theme of this poem seems more to be expediency than lust.

I don't think the poem was written from a feminist standpoint either. However, a feminist would argue that it is a woman's right and responsibility to control her own sexuality. I think that would include not being seduced by a poem! In all seriousness, it would entail not being tricked by the man's attempts to seduce her and rather allow herself to be seduced when she wanted to be.

I tend to agree with the first poster, that this is simply a love poem by a man who desires to be with the woman he...

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