Discuss the features of metaphysical poetry in "The Sun Rising"?  

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In the poem “The Sun Rising” by English poet John Donne, the features of metaphysical poetry are quite apparent. First, Donne is engaging in an intellectual but conjectural conversation with the Sun. The Sun cannot respond to him and does not acknowledge any kind of communication with a human being. This is what is to be expected, hence this one-way conversation of the heart and mind between a living being and a celestial object. This is typical of metaphysical poetry, pondering things beyond humankind’s reach, things that seem so magnificent and awe-inspiring.

Another feature of metaphysical poems is the religious aspect to many of them. An example of this is John Donne’s poem “A Hymn to God the Father.” There is an allusion to religion and holiness in “The Sun Rising” with the line “Thy beams so reverend, and strong.” Donne is setting the sun’s rays on a higher plane here, calling them venerated in a sense. Metaphysical poetry often tackles the great questions in life through the avenue of religion and religious thought. It is common for metaphysical poetry to contemplate the supernatural.

Another feature of metaphysical poetry is philosophical discussions of grand themes, such as Love, Death, War, and so on. In “The Sun Rising,” Love is brought to the forefront. Donne asks “Must to thy motions lovers’ seasons run?” He is saying that the sun controls time and seasons and that we follow its dictates in this. The sun marks time as we live and love on this earth.

Another feature of metaphysical poetry...

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