Discuss FDR's actions. What might have been the criticisms or concerns against all these new programs?

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Links to criticisms of F.D.R.'s New Deal: If you get online and go to (Google) www.thefreemanonline.org and search "fdr new deal", among the articles that you will pull up are the three linked at the bottom of my answer.

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The New Deal was moving in more of a big government outlook, and that usually can bring contraversy.  The Democratic party started to change its platform with FDR, since before him they always believed in less government, and now the government had more control over the citizens. The social programs indeed were helpful and pulled America out of the Great Depression, and FDR goes down in history as one of the finest presidents, but it did change the way America's government worked, and even to this day the major difference between the political parties is small government vs. big government.

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When FDR put his "New Deal" into place,there was a great deal of criticism.  Most of this came from conservatives.  The major issue that they had with FDR's programs is that they were socialistic.  That is, they made the government have too much involvement in regulating the economy and in helping people who were hurt by the Depression.

Conservatives felt that American business could do best if government left it alone to do as it liked.  They also thought that government welfare programs would kill Americans' desire to work.

So, overall, the major criticism was that the programs made the government have too much impact on the economy.

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