Discuss the father son relationship to the title of the play, "All my Sons."

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The title All My Sons resonates in a few ways with the content and the themes of the play. Although Joe Keller's relationship with his son Chris is central to the action of the play, the final connection between the title and the play’s content may be the most conclusive and encompassing of these connections.

Early on, Joe Keller and his wife insist that their missing son Larry may still be alive because he did not fly a P-40 airplane in the war: it was the P-40 planes that crashed as a direct result of Joe Keller’s decision to ship the cracked cylinder heads to the U.S. military. However, at the end of the play Ann reveals a letter that Larry had written where he outlines his plan to commit suicide after discovering Joe’s crime. This is the moment where Joe finally relents in his denial of guilt.

Even after his admission to being aware of the cracked cylinder heads, Joe had kept up a defiant stance and suggested that he was no more guilty than any other businessman making a profit...

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