Discuss the factors that drove exploration and colonialism in the 14th and 15th centuries.  

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The Europeans were curious to know what existed beyond the old world as supported by Renaissance ideals. They wanted to experience and observe the environment in the new world, and because of this urge, they were willing to travel across the vast sea.

They were urged on by the need to spread their religion and to save souls in the new world. They also embarked on the journey to confirm myths about the existence of Christian communities in the new world.

The Age of Exploration and colonialism was also urged on by the need to access more gold and silver. The economic situation in Europe was under threat because of limited resources. The leadership was also seeking to avert large-scale conflicts with the citizens because of deteriorating economies.

The idea of imperialism supported Europe’s need to explore and colonize other territories. The Arabs had blocked access to the East, and Europe was forced to seek new trade routes and establish colonies to protect their investments and routes.

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