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Discuss the factors that influence reactions to stress.

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Stress is a reaction to environmental causes which according to psychologists is "essential for our survival." When we were not as technologically advanced as we are now, it resulted in the production of hormones that enabled us to escape from predators and stay alive. In today's world also, stress brings out hidden abilities and enables people to perform in the best ways that they are capable of.

Though beneficial for short durations, long-term stress has detrimental effects on our health. It can lead to several serious problems like cardiac ailments, digestive problems, and some even say several types of cancers can be attributed to stress.

To protect ourselves from these health complications it is essential that we find ways to reduce stress as far as possible. If that does not work, ways to keep the body calm during stressful situations should be sought. These could include taking deep breaths, thinking of things that calm the mind, or the use of medication for short durations of time.

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