Discuss evaluation/assessment in schools.

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I don't think anyone would doubt that there is a need for assessment in schools.  There must be ways in which teachers and stakeholders can monitor the progress of students.  Where the challenge lies is the pressure involved in assessment means such as high stakes standardized assessment.  I believe that many would say that current condition in education is a reflection of an overemphasis on testing, implications of failure in high stakes standardized assessment setting, and a predicament in which there is legitimate questioning about what is the best approach as to how to monitor student learning.  Assessment and evaluation in schools has to be looked at in a wide open manner, soliciting opinions from different sources.  I believe that there is a role for standardized assessment, but it should be used as one of many tools to gauge how a student learns, along with personal reflection from the students, observation from parents/ guardians, and narrative statements from teachers.  Assessment or evaluation has to be seen in a comprehensive and multifold light.  Failure to do so might result in a continuation of a system that holds much in way of challenges and difficulty for all involved.

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