Discuss English colonization of North America.

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It is hard to know how to answer this question as there are many aspects to the English colonization of North America.  I will discuss a few important aspects of that colonization.

First, it is extremely important to realize that the English came in relatively large numbers to North America.  This is something that was not true of either the French or the Spanish.  This had at least two important consequences.

One consequence was that the English created what has been called a “frontier of exclusion.”  What this means is that they did not include the Native Americans in their society.  Unlike the Spanish and the French, the English were so numerous that they did not need the Indians for much and therefore did not include them in their societies.

A related consequence is that the English therefore simply pushed the Indians off their lands.  The English wanted the land and did not want the Indians.  Since they were more powerful than the Indians militarily, this meant that the Indians had to either leave or die.

A second important aspect of the English colonization is that it created a democratic society.  England was already relatively democratic, so its colonies were too.  The colonies were also rather egalitarian and therefore more able to sustain democracy.

These are some of the most important aspects of the English colonization of North America.

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