Discuss the enabling role of translation in the study of comparative IndianLiterature (500 words)

sengupta-monimala | Student

The basic premise of Comparative literature is that it deals with literature belonging to two different linguistic backgrounds. Translation of indigenous Indian writing into English is a very difficult task because no two languages have similar grammar or other linguistics rules. Many translators are faced with the difficulty of retaining the same essence and inspiration in the translated work that is present in the original work.

The only way to make literature written in different languages available to a greater reading public is through translation. Many writers and their works like Tagore’s ‘Gitanjali’, Premchand’s novels, poetry by Aurobindo, are taught and read in their translated English form. In countries like India translation is significant aspect of literary studies because there are different language speakers and translating texts is the only way to make any literature easily available and understood.