Discuss the elements of Modernism, Realism, and Naturalism in Ernest Hemingway's novel The Sun Also Rises.

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Ernest Hemingway's first major novel, published in 1925, The Sun Also Rises, is a novel from the Modernist period. However, it incorporates elements from previous literary movements.

Realism is the predecessor to Naturalism. Jake Barnes's reluctance to consummate his relationship with Lady Brett Ashley is due to a war injury. Prior to the Realist movement, in both literature and visual art, such unpleasant aspects of life were not discussed. Hemingway's willingness to address war's ravages on one's sex life and self-esteem is an aspect of realism.

Naturalism, which came into vogue in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, borrowed from Social Darwinism. Naturalism accepted a determinist's view of nature -- that is, one's behavior or character were ingrained due to genetic inheritance and the circumstances of one's upbringing. The attitude that some of the characters express toward Robert Cohn is anti-Semitic. They...

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