Discuss the effects of other cultures on young people in Mauritius.

Expert Answers
Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Mauritius is exposed to other cultures directly through immigration, tourism, and contact with NGOs and indirectly through cultural changes and social changes that occur as a result of direct contact. The exposure of young people in Mauritius can have negative and positive influence.

Some of the most negative influences stem from the growing prevalence and popularity of nightclubs and pornographic films. The consequence of this cultural change has led to a significant rise in the incidence of premarital sex and a doubling of the HIV/AIDS infection rate. Mauritius has the lowest HIV/AIDS rate in the African region, so a doubling of the rate is a cause for alarm for individuals and families and for government health policy makers.

One of the positive influences is increased contact with NGOs (Non-government Organizations) that provide medical information pertaining to HIV/AIDS exposure, risks, and prevention. Studies show that the class of young people in Mauritius who have the highest contact with NGOs also have the lowest premarital intercourse and HIV/AIDS infection rates.