Discuss the effects of labor migration on the coutry of immigration, the country of emigration, and the world as a whole.This is an international economics question

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clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Typically "labor migration" means people are going to leave a country where work is not plentiful to go to a country where it is.  This is the case right now in America - drawing large crowds of workers from Mexico.

Some basic effects are as follows:

Country of immigration (America): large quantities of immigrants coming to work but not necessarily legally.  Many believe this has lead to a rise in crime and increased healthcare costs, and a loss of jobs for Americans (as immigrants are working for less).  But it also results in the availability of cheap labor for businesses which drives our prices down.

Country of emigration (in this example Mexico - but it could be anywhere really): splitting of families, loss of production, commerce and therefore revenue and jobs (as this country cannot compete with America's lower prices on commodities), more poverty and therefore more crime.

For both countries, there is more of a blending of cultures.  The country of immigration becomes more diverse, but if immigrants return to their original country they (or their children) often come back more educated and America's "western culture" spreads even more.