Discuss the economic reasons for subsidizing public transport and taxing private transport.

Economic reasons for subsidizing public transport and taxing private transport include the removal of barriers to entry for those seeking employment and a way out of poverty. It also saves the city money and potentially lowers the number of motor vehicle accidents.

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There are several reasons why it might make economic sense to subsidize public transit while taxing private transit. A number of cities, states, and countries around the world have already done this and are seeing the results.

First of all, when public transit is seen as a service rather than a business, it makes more sense to provide it with public funds. By allowing more people of limited means and mobility to commute inexpensively, more people have access to jobs and education that can lift them out of poverty. Not only does this bring more wealth into underserved communities, but it has the potential to reduce crime. Lower crime rates encourage more economic investments overall. Medellin, Colombia, for instance, invested heavily in expanding public transit to poor, crime-ridden communities. Partially as a result, more people have been able to commute downtown to the city's economic heart for legitimate work.

Supporting public transit can also increase property values. Many commuters...

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