Discuss early experiences and critical periods in human development.Discuss early experiences and critical periods in human development.

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A child's early years are full of critical periods. Children grow tremendously in the first year, both physically and emotionally. At the same time, they are learning language and communication. They are learning social interaction and physical coordination at the same time.
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Looking at the early life, it is difficult to pick out periods that are more critical than others, but in terms of development, the first several months after birth are particularly crucial as the infant requires constant attention and care.  Unable to move and unable to even sleep for long periods of time without feeding, the infant's body is growing and developing very rapidly as the baby begins to learn to control its movements and develops the ability to see clearly and so many processes vital to future growth.

Another critical period in development is puberty with the rapid changes that occur in the body and in the brain, this period of brain growth only matched in speed and breadth by the very earliest period of brain development after birth.

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