Discuss each stanza of the poem "Sunday Morning Service" by T.S. Eliot line by line.

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The full title of the poem is "Mr. Eliot's Sunday Morning Service." It was first published in 1920. Although at eight stanzas and thirty-six lines it's a relatively brief poem, it is an incredibly esoteric one and does not lend itself to easy interpretation. Although I'll cover some of the stanzas, a full analysis would require many pages. I'd advise looking at the website below, as well as looking at Christopher Ricks and Jim McCue's annotated texts of Eliot's poems.

The two major lines of thought to trace throughout the poem are religion (or spirituality) and sexual functions, especially related to procreation. As with so many Eliot poems, it is densely packed with allusions, including ones to the Bible, Italian Renaissance painters, church fathers, and his own poems. In stanza three, he mentions "the Umbrian school," which was a group of Italian artists, and the stanza goes on to discuss a painting of "the Baptized God," which refers to Christ.

In the next stanza, he brings God the...

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