Discuss the dream in which Robinson Crusoe had his ''terrible vision''?

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rrteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Crusoe experiences this vision as he is suffering from a dreadful bout of the "ague" (intense fever and chills usually associated with malaria). In this vision, he sees a man coming out of a black cloud, heading directly for him. With the earth shaking and the skies filled with lightning, the man warns:

Seeing all these things have not brought thee to repentance, now thou shalt die.

The man then points a spear at Crusoe's chest. Crusoe interprets the vision as chastisement for his "uncommonly wicked" past. He had previously not thought of his experiences as being punishment for this past, but from this point on, he does. He responded to this vision with a cry for help to God. This vision represents the awakening of Crusoe's conscience to his past, in which he was somewhat of a rake.