Discuss Dr Fautus as a tragedy relevant to all times in 3000 words

kankanivarsha | Student
Christopher Marlowe's Dr Faustus can be read as a Christian tragedy which dramatizes the conflicts of free will and pre-destination.
Being written during the time of Rennaisance in the seventeenth century, Marlowe presents Faustus as an "Every man figure". And
offers cultural critique of that time by thematising the topical issues faced by the pan-European society. The play is structurally based 
on the Morality Play formula.Pyschomachia is a strong feature of it as Faustus spends the play in a state of ambiguity between repentance 
and despair. However, unlike the other male protagonists, Faustus makes a self conciouss choice rather than his action being a result of 
error in judgement. This makes him a rennaisance over-reacher just like 'Icarus".
Throughout the play we see him as an ambitious man who goes beyond his limits in order to satisfy his erge of knowledge. Thus, it
is the tragic flaw of ' Hubris' (excessive pride) which leads to the blindness of his limitation leading to his self-destruction.
As mentioned earlier, Faustus is consistently presented as an every-man character. Neither wholly good, nor wholly bad both brilliant and arrogant. 
Learned and foolish and consumed with intellectual curiosity,The end of the Faustus is tragic being a process of Catharsis for the audience (element
of pity and fear) as the journey ends in damnation. But the essential message of the play upholds a protestant belief : People damn themselves through 
their own action but they can repent which is kept pending by Faustus.