Discuss Doctor Faustus as a study of ambition and despair.

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Christopher Marlowe's Faustus mirrors itself as a study of ambition and despair. In the beginning of the story, Marlow presents his protagonist in all airs of sad self grandiosity. The story begins with Faustus expressing his huge ambitions, his vision of the present and future, and his plans to attempt a form of complete domination. Sadly, as the beginning Choir predicts, we already know that he is going to set himself for failure, but still the reader marvels at this man's hunger for power.

Meanwhile, as the story develops, we get to know the real Dr. Faustus. A petty and empty, hollow man with a dim wit, who is impulsive, and we could almost classify him as imprudent. Yet, considering the time when the character of Faustus was conceived, Marlow clearly wants to demonstrate the social characteristics of the Renaissance's break with the...

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