How is A Doll's House a modern tragedy?

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This play is a modern tragedy because Nora Helmer will, essentially, have to become totally alienated from both society and her family in order to finally have the opportunity to find out who she is and what she wants from her life. She has realized that she was just a plaything to her father, to whom she was "a doll"; further, she has also realized that she's only been a plaything to her husband as well.

Nora knows that her whole life has just been about keeping up appearances: her adult, married life has mattered to her husband, Torvald , insomuch as she's kept a nice home, raised nice children, and treated him nicely. She's appeared to obey even his most ridiculous demands, like telling her she's not allowed to eat sweets anymore, and she realizes after he learns about the loan she took out...

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