A Doll's House Questions and Answers
by Henrik Ibsen

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How is A Doll's House a modern tragedy?

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This play is a modern tragedy because Nora Helmer will, essentially, have to become totally alienated from both society and her family in order to finally have the opportunity to find out who she is and what she wants from her life. She has realized that she was just a plaything to her father, to whom she was "a doll"; further, she has also realized that she's only been a plaything to her husband as well.

Nora knows that her whole life has just been about keeping up appearances: her adult, married life has mattered to her husband, Torvald , insomuch as she's kept a nice home, raised nice children, and treated him nicely. She's appeared to obey even his most ridiculous demands, like telling her she's not allowed to eat sweets anymore, and she realizes after he learns about the loan she took out...

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hajratalib | Student

A Doll"s House is a modern tragedy because a wife who has always led a conventional kind of life in the household takes a revolutionary step . The step taken by her was a trumpet-call to the women of the day to rise and demand their rights . The message of the play makes it modern in the fullest sense of the word.

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s-ahsan | Student

If critically analyzed A Doll's House turns out to be a modern tragic play, as it discusses the womenly tragedy in the male dominating society. Nora's character which is said to be the replica of Ibsen's wife is highly awful. All her sacrifices go futile. she loves her family, and takes disastrous steps just to gain the bliss of her arital life. In the act of doing so she commits frogery and stores her husband's health. Another evidience of her forfeit is that, she accumulates all the money for her sake but in reality she saves it to pay back the installments. From such proofs we come across the truth that women undergo many hardships in life, despite all their struggles their efforts go in vain. This modern genre in contrast to tradition depicts a woman hero who as a result gets collapsed and deceived by the hands of society. Hence, making her realize that her sex is weaker and of no authority. ultimately she surrenders in the hands of the patriarchal society.