Discuss. How do you apply creative thinking in life?

Expert Answers
readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There is no one way to be creative in life. Creativity is a frame of mind, which can be applied to anything. Reading books can help in this area. Talking to people from other culture can help as well. In light of this, a few examples might be the best way to get into this topic. 

First, one of the things we do everyday is eat. So, it is possible to creative in this area. You can make creative foods and present foods in even more creative ways. 

Second, there is also a lot of creativity in making a home. Home design is a huge area of creativity. Also where you live is also a way you can show creativity. For example, people are now making modular homes and even container homes. There is  a lot of creativity. 

Third, there can be creativity in the work place as well. All you need to do is think and brainstorm. 

chrisyhsun | Student
To answer this question, I think we need to look at why creative thinking is necessary and what it can accomplish. Creative thinking opens up doors to ideas that are unique and out of the box. When applied to everyday problems, creative thinking can reveal innovative solutions that could potentially solve the problem in better ways than traditional methods. Applying the powers of creative thinking to the process of problem solving is relevant to many parts of life, whether that be in the professional or social spheres. A professional example may be the question of how to reach a specific demographic. Using creative thinking to think of a new marketing strategy could be the key to a successful campaign. In the social sphere, maybe you and your significant other have to be separated for Valentine’s Day, which the two of you traditionally celebrate together. You could use creative thinking to think up a way to celebrate the day without physically being in the same place.