Buchi Emecheta

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Discuss the disintegration of the family as a consequence of post colonialism in Buchi Emecheta’s The Joys of Motherhood.

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For Nnu Ego, the realization of her dream in having children is a fundamental challenge.  Part of the reason it is so challenging is because she is fighting two battles.  The first battle is the condition of motherhood, which is already a challenge that is seen in the work. The other reality that makes motherhood a challenge for Nnu Ego is that she is seeking to construct a traditional reality in the midst of the modernity of the urban setting.  

Lagos is depicted as a Post- Colonial reality, one in which the past has been rejected in favor of a future that is far from certain.  Nnu Ego is struggling to sustain the traditional model in a world of materialism, individual satisfaction...

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