Discuss in detail the role of soma in Chapter 5. Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

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A form of the Latin word, somnus, meaning sleep, soma induces a feeling of contentment in the residents of the New World.  It is even served with their coffee as Henry and Lenina dine, lest the caffeine excite them too much.  After dinner, they enter what used to be Westminister Abbey, but is now a cabaret.  Because Henry and Lenina have taken soma before going to the night club, they do not notice the beauty of the night sky, an intended effect of the drug:

It was a night almost without clouds, moonless and starry; but of this on the whole depressing fact Lenina and Henry were fortunately unaware.

The State does not want anyone to pay attention to the beauty of Nature as it keeps people from consuming products and playing games such as Obstacle golf.  After their night at the cabaret,...

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