Discuss in detail distinguishing features of recent Indian writing in English.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The question itself could probably use some level of refinement in its focus and in its scope because in its current state, it is quite broad.  In general, I think that some of the most salient features of Indian writing in English comes from the postcolonialism train of thought.  There is much in way of assessing the issue of identity in a postcolonial and globalized world.  This issue is seen in works of Indian writers and writers from the subcontinent.  For example, Lahiri'sThe Namesakeis an open discussion about identity in the modern setting and what it means to engage in the pursuit of identity in a setting where there are different forces that bifurcate and focus on the individual's sense of self.  In Swarup'sQ and A, the same notion is there, but placed in the modern setting of a globalized world  in which identity is fused from different elements that swamp the individual.  How the current setting impacts Hamid's Changez inThe Reluctant Fundamentalist, a work that discusses the implications of identity in the post- 9/11 world on the subcontinent, in general.  In each of these works and in the diaspora of Indian writing in English, the question of identity is a challenging one, in which the questions become more relevant than anything hoping at answers.