Discuss and describe ways that an employer can reinforce safe practices by employees.

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Safety at workplace is dependent on many factors which includes action by the management or owners as well as by the employee or workmen directly engaged in the work. Direct action by employers includes things like provision of right equipments, facilities and material for safe working. In addition they also play an important role in promoting safe working practices by the employee. The action that employees can take mainly relates to the education of the employees in the importance of safe working and in the methods of safe working. The employees can conduct periodic training programs for such education, or the employees may be sponsored to outside training programs. In addition, regular reminder of safe and correct work practices may be provides by means of appropriate signboards and posters.

It is important that the employers display their commitment to safe working practice by not doing anything that tends to show a lack of concern for safety. For example, an employee who rewards a employee for higher productivity achieved by ignoring safety precautions, clearly shows disregard for safety. Employers mus take care to avoid sending any such wrong signals to employees.

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