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While A Midsummer Night's Dream seems to end happily for all characters involved, the lovers may have some difficulties down the road that the audience does not get to see, since it does not get to go beyond the weddings.

Foremost, Demetrius is still under the rapture of Puck's magic flower.  While Helena is blissful in the beginning of her new relationship, will she begin to wonder what made Demetrius change his mind so abruptly?  This could be a complication later down the road, especially if Demetrius is not able to give a satisfactory answer.

Meanwhile, Hermia and Lysander are finally happy together.  However, Hermia may begin to remember his rough treatment of her while he was under the spell, causing resentment in the relationship later.

Thus, the play seems to end on a happy note.  But, as with all Shakespeare's works, more may lie beneath the surface, and nothing is ever as neatly tied up as it seems.  The faeries' trickery may have led to more problems, rather than solving the ones that existed.

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