discuss critically sheakespeare's handling of intrigue in the plot of othello.

iklan100 | Student

'Othello' has been called by some critics/scholars as Shakespeare's ''most manipulative play''. If you have read the text of the work closely you will note how Shakespeare builds up an atmosphere of intrigue via Iago's slow and steady 'manipulation' of Othello and we note, basically, that (a) Iago initially insinuates himself into Othello's confidence and (b) bit by bit, step by step, builds up the suspicions in the Moor's heart, using his latent complexes and fears, to advantage.

It was probably H Irving, who once said that ''Shakespeare is a true psychologist''-- and we see how well he understood human nature and how well he was able to use language and emotion to build up a real and fully believable story of intrigue and suspicion, and ultimate tragedy.