Discuss "creating the advertising message".This topic relates to the Marketing subject. I've to participate in a discussion on the above topic; so I want to gather some specific & accurate...

Discuss "creating the advertising message".

This topic relates to the Marketing subject. I've to participate in a discussion on the above topic; so I want to gather some specific & accurate details for this topic.

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The previous posts did a great job answer the basics of this question. So, I will add a slightly different perspective. One of the things that advertiser do is not only study how people retain information to make a sale, but they also study societies and how they function. They do this, because if they are able to understand society, then you can be much more effective in reaching people. Sociologist talk about things like plausibility structures and ideologies. If companies are able to determine what is common sense to a group or what a group prizes or fears, these things can be powerfully used to make sales or to shape the mind of the consumer. I am not saying these things are good, but we need to be aware that we live in a consummeristic society.

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When you advertise, or promote information to be bestowed upon people, you have to make sure you have the right audience in mind, and that the audience receives the information in a way that helps them retain it and reproduce it through memory. The best way to create advertisements that are easy to remember is through the use of shape, form, color, rythm, repetition, and ease.

This is why when you see a commercial on TV you see numbers flashing while the message goes on, the volume is automatically higher during commercial breaks, and no commercial lasts longer than 30 seconds. It is like a crash course on memory retention.

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The "message" in advertising refers to the central point that strives to be communicated.  In creating the message, there has to be several components to effectively assist in such a process.  The first would be a meaningful and relevant message.  Even before the medium of advertising, one has to have something to be received.  If this is meaningful and worthwhile, appealing to a group of people, then there is a strong chance that creating the advertising message will be a relevant process.  There has to be an effective communication of what individuals want and the advertisement has to convey this.