Discuss contemporary world influences on human personality.how contemporary world influenced human personality in time

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stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Giving a definitive answer to the question of how contemporary society is influencing the development of human personality is difficult because it is currently happening. Most influences can be best assessed in hindsight, after some time has gone by and effects of the influences can be identified and analyzed. Also, there are many theories regarding what factors actually do influence the shaping of a personality.

Some thoughts regarding some of the ways in which the current world culture might be influencing and shaping the development of the human personality (based on western European and North American societal patterns) could include:

Identification with a role model has changed as roles have changed. There is not the division of expectations that may have been based on stereotypes of gender roles. With changes in communications and the increased speed and extent of awareness of the rest of the world, there are more patterns of behavior to be considered.

That expanded awareness of the world and all its variety has given opportunities to explore more patterns of behavior and ways of expressing oneself, which may lead to increased awareness and ability to be an individual or may cause increased conflict with others who are not comfortable or do not agree with different actions and words.