Discuss the conditions of women marginalized during the early 20th century america. i have to write an english paper finding scholarly information about this topic and using it with the book ragtime by e.l doctorow. ive looked on google scholar and i have recieved no help from that ive also looked on jstor.com and that was useless. can anyone help me out?? i already know what to say for this research paper but cant find any sources!!!

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I can feel your frustration, since I am always looking for sources. I am surprised that you did not find anything in jstor. I would suggest that you do different key word searches. Also look up prominent feminists. I am positive you will have more hits than you can imagine.

Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions is a classic by Gloria Steinem. This should be helpful. Or do a key word search in jstor with the above name.

Routledge Encyclopedia of Women: Global Women's Issues and Knowledge should also get you started with bibliography. Read few articles and see what helps you.

Finally, you can use a lot of work on power as well, people like Foucault. Or you can use people who have worked on gender studies.

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