Discuss the concept of "emotional alienation." How widespread is emotional alienation in service work, managerial work, and even being on welfare?

gsenviro | Student

Alienation or loneliness is a widespread phenomenon and it is estimated that millions of people around the world, especially in developed economies (owing to fast-paced lifestyles), suffer from some form of loneliness. Modern society emphasizes individual achievement, competitiveness and impersonal social relations, thus pronouncing alienation in the face of alienating social values.

Emotional alienation is the inability of a person to connect to others emotionally and may lead to physical, social and mental issues. The affected person may feel unable to form relationships, become judgmental, distressed, abuse drugs alcohol, and perform poorly at work.

Emotional alienation is widespread, especially in professional lives, be it service work, managerial work, or someone surviving on welfare. People in developed or rapidly developing economies are raised in competitive, left-brain, performance driven educational systems, while work life may require the use of emotions (which are controlled more by the right-brain) thus leading to the inability to function properly.

Emotional alienation is a universal phenomenon, individualistic in nature, and may have multitude of causes and consequences; however it is more prevalent in the developed world.