Discuss the communication among human beings in Machine Dreams, in relation to their difficulties establishing connections.

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I think that Phillips' work makes very clear the idea that communication between human beings can be directly impacted by their social conditions.  This helps to make difficult conditions in establishing connections between human beings.  Jean and Mitch are excellent representatives of this.  The social condition of challenge that is placed upon Jean socially and Mitch economically is a factor that helps inhibit their own communication and understanding for one another.  Her emergence into a more independent woman on financial, emotional, and psychological levels causes Jean to see things differently.  This flies into direct collision with how Mitch conceives of women's role, primarily as one of submission to men.  Yet, his own professional reality belies this monolithic view of consciousness.  He struggles to be economically viable and to be able to voice his own authority, especially with Jean's increasing success.  It is here where difficulty in communication results in both of them, influenced in large part to the condition of social reality that immerses them both.