Discuss Coleridge's major contentions with Wordsworth in Biographia Literaria?

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While Coleridge discussed the role of meter, style, and nature, major contentions with Wordsworth's statements in his "Preface" focused on imagination and fancy, the idealization of rural life, and the poet's duty to elevate rural language to the language of poetry. Although Coleridge did find fault with Wordsworth's ideas as developed in the preface, it is notable that he used Biographia Literaria to defend his friend as a thinker and a poet.

If Mr. Wordsworth have set forth principles of poetry which his arguments are insufficient to support, let him . . . be set right by the confutation of those arguments, and . . . let the due credit be given to the portion and importance of the truths, which are blended with his theory . . . . (Biographia Literaria)

Imagination and Fancy: Considering that more than one mental faculty may be active at any one time when writing, Coleridge judged that Wordsworth had confused fancy with imagination during his philosophical musings on the nature of poetry...

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