Discuss the choices and problems the Cold War placed on American politics and society.

npoore84 | Student

The Cold War placed a variety of influences on American politics, society, and culture and changes were brought about as a result during this time. The United States represented capitalism and democracy whereas the Soviet Union represented communism and authoritarianism.

In regards to society and culture propaganda tools, were used and “national security agencies encouraged Hollywood to produce anticommunist movies … and urged that film scripts be changed to remove references to less-than-praiseworthy aspects of American history.” A vareity of movies were created to that helped spark patriotism and also sparked suspicions of communist activity in the communities. 

Changes for blacks also began to take place for the positive and not negative. President Truman “noted that if the United States were to offer the ‘peoples of the world’ a ‘choice of freedom or enslavement’ it must ‘correct the remaining imperfections in our practice of democracy. Fair employment laws were passed and laws passed banning discrimination against blacks.