Discuss the characters in The Alchemist.  

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I have included two links below to give you some more information about the characters in this hilarious play. However, just to get you started, this play by Jonson features various characters that introduce us to a world in which the clever and intelligent prey off the weak and stupid. Subtle is a pseudo-scientist who uses his knowledge to impress the gullible and convince them that he is able to transmute base metals into precious metals. He is aided by Face, who is Subtle's contact man and entices the stupid into Subtle's base to be fleeced. Dol Common is the common mistress of both of these characters and shows herself to be able to impersonate a number of different roles as Subtle's various tricks dictate.

These three central characters are the key tricksters who come up with various stratagems and plots to rid the rich and the foolish of their wealth through their deceit. The remainder of the characters feature those who they prey upon, who are normally shown to suffer from some kind of moral failing that makes them vulnerable to the central characters and their various schemes.

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alchemist is a good story


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