Discuss the characterization of Brave Orchid in the excerpt from The Woman Warrior where she takes a day off to wait at the airport for her sister. 

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When writing about characterization, you should consider several things. Look at what the character says or does and ask yourself what this says about the character. What kind of person is Brave Orchid based on her words and actions? Brave Orchid's actions after her husband goes to America tell us quite a bit about her. She loses two children and puts herself through medical school in two years. What words would you use to describe Brave Orchid based on these actions? Then look at what the other characters say about Brave Orchid. Is their judgment of her fair or biased? For example, consider Maxine's opinion of her mother and whether the things she says about her mother is justified. Be sure to take into account the setting as well. When Brave Orchid goes to America, she gives up being a doctor to work in the laundry. What does this say about her? Why is it important to Brave Orchid that her children know their Chinese roots? What do her "talk stories" tell us about her? Consider her name, "Brave" Orchid. Does this accurately depict her character?

Basically, you want to look at the events and ask yourself what conclusions can be drawn about the character. Be careful not to retell the story. Don't give details about what Brave Orchid does because that is plot. Your first sentence should introduce Brave Orchid by using words that describe her in general.

I have given you two links below that will further help you. I hope I have helped you as well. Good luck!

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