Discuss the character of the old man in the story "The Fly In The Ointment".I would like to know about the character of the old man in the story.

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Harold's father was a type of person who would not let anyone waine his obsession over wealth and power. His greed for wealth was over-shadowing all his relationships. The aim of his life was to acquire more and more money, think high-get high. He was surrounded by the scent of money. Relations were worth nothing infront of his worldly pleasures. He would go out for sny means, legal or illegal, to obtain the wealth that he desired. Selfishness had conquered his heart so neither he had any feelings for his family nor did he had the fear of God. He supposed that wealthy people were superior than any and thus the reason for his hatred for his son. He never fulfilled his respomsibilities towards his family. He had high aims but all for his own desires. Till the end of the story he had lust for money dominating his existence that couldn't be changed.
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He is an example of double personality. He tries to hide the soft and warm face of his. Although he is pleased with the son's coming, he is trying not to show this.

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he was a rich and succesful businesman but was greedy for the money.he hated his son because he was poor.

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