Discuss the character of Miss Emily as to how you look or percieve her character?

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"Emily is born to a proud, aristocratic family sometime during the Civil War; her life in many ways reflects the disintegration of the Old South during the Reconstruction and the early twentieth century." 

Miss Emily, the main character in the story "A Rose for Emily," could be defined as an individual who was a victim of a controlling father who robbed her of every opportunity to have love in her life.  As a result of this, she becomes a desperate, somewhat eccentric middle-aged woman. You could even say that she is mentally unstable by the end of the story, considering the way that she lived in her old house.

Emily is a symbol for the dying traditions that were the Old South before the Civil War.  Just like the culture of the plantation became obsolete after the South lost, so does Miss Emily's approach to life.  By the time her father dies, she is desperate to not be alone.  She struggles with other family members opinion of her as she engages in a relationship with a Yankee, Homer Barron, a man she eventually kills, to stop him from leaving her.

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