Discuss the character of Daisy in the Great Gatsby, and how she contributes to the overall development of the plot.

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Daisy enjoys being young, blonde, beautiful and rich. She lives her life to gather all the pleasure she can from being young, blonde, beautiful and rich. There isn't any great depth to her personality and there certainly aren't any strong principles upon which she has built her life. She lives for the moment and whatever can provide the most fun then and there.

Daisy becomes the unreachable ideal woman of Gatsby's dreams. She is the reason why he creates the fictional life history for himself, why he engages in the activities that allow him to over-extend his finances in an effort to make himself appear richer than he is, why he pursues the fantasy existence that he thinks will make him worthy of and attractive to Daisy. Gatsby never recognizes the superficiality of her existence.

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