Discuss the character of Bimala in the Home and the World

lazyfreak | Student

Bimala-heroine of the home and the world is perhaps the most lively character of the story. She is the centre of action as well as attraction of the novel,kept alive on the delicate thread of love,amid the fire nd fury of politics.bimala is also the queen of this love.so engaging yet so tense,and psychologically so intricate.yet so interesting.Presented as the wife of a aristocratic family.She is drawn as no paragon of beauty,but plain wife,married to conservative Rajah family.

Indeed,Bimala was no woman of beauty.In her own admission she had a dark complexion and lacked physical beauty.Yet,she was fortunate enough to get married into a Rajah's house,and that was possible only of some good astrological signs in her.It was perdicted that she would turn out to be an ideal wife.She was fortunate enough to get a loving husband who was devoted,but not authoritarian. she could have from him not merely sincere love but ernest help to make herself a cultivated.advanced modern women.
TagoreĀ  has drawn no flat character in his heroine BIMALA.She is a round character that changes with transition of events and situations.That change in Bimala occured with the arrival of Sandip,friend of Nikhil,in awake of SWADESHI movement.he appeared to her as a hero of the swadeshi and spelled her at first instance.She was overwhemled,hypnotised,as revealed in her own expression.Bimala was fascinated by Sandip's external glamour and show ,and never truly loved him.She returned to Nikhil,the dear centre of her love and life when learned the truth of Sandip.