Discuss the changing needs of employees.

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gsenviro eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The workplace dynamics are constantly changing. The changes have been more significant since the arrival of internet. This has caused two important changes in workplace: ability to work remotely and availability of information at the finger tips. The former means that many employees no longer have to spend the fixed hours in office and that work can be done from anywhere (without the geographical bounds). The latter means that information about workplace practices can be shared, employees can form groups to discuss their needs and find the relevant information on personal and professional lives to make them easier. 

Today's employees seek flexible hours, work-life balance, better benefits (in terms of medical and dental care, bonuses, paid vacations, etc.), etc. Of these, flexible hours, that is freedom to choose the hours they want to work at is important. Same preference is given to a balance between professional and personal lives, which means working from home is more of a necessity. 

With the rapid advancements in information technology, more and more flexibility may be desired by the employees. Companies should be ready and willing to accommodate these changing employee needs, in order to retain talent and be more efficient.

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