In Jane Eyre, discuss the presentation of Celine Varens and Jane Eyre as foils.

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Unlike the prim, Quakerly Miss Eyre the governess, Celine Varens comes into Rochester's life as an opera dancer, a profession associated with prostitution and loose morals. She professes love and adoration for Rochester, saying she prefers his looks to those of other men. He believes she idolizes him. However, unlike Jane Eyre, whose heart is pure and whose words are sincere, Celine means nothing of what she says. She is simply using Rochester for the money and clothing she can get from him. As Rochester notes, while Celine pretends to like his looks, she is abusing him for them when he is seemingly out of earshot. In contrast, Jane tells him from the start that he is not good looking.

Rochester, according to his own account, discovers Celine's hypocrisy when he is waiting for her one night. Celine gets out of a carriage with her lover, a vicomte so "brainless and vicious" that Celine immediately sinks in Rochester's opinion...

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