Discuss the causes of conflict in a Shakespeare play you have studied. How do they reflect the time in which the play was written.More than 3 causes should be listed

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wannam eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Let's look at Romeo and Juliet as an example of a Shakespearean play which reflects the time the play was written in.  Juliet finds herself in a difficult situation when her father orders her to marry Paris.  Now, it is usually considered rare for a father to arrange a marriage for his daughter.  In Shakespeare's time, this was a normal occurrence.  Juliet is willing to kill herself rather than go through with the marriage.  She has no thoughts of running off to join Romeo in exile even though he is her husband.  During Shakespeare's time, a young girl like Juliet would have no concept of life outside her father's house.  She was from a wealthy family and would have been too unskilled to find work or support herself.  In today's world, Romeo and Juliet probably would have run off the Vegas, gotten married, and found a quiet place to settle down together.  It is sometimes difficult for us to understand the choices they made because our lives are so different from the way theirs were.

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about macbeth please


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