Discuss briefly three ways that the Industrial Revolution impacted America.

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The Industrial Revolution not only revolutionized America but also many other parts of the world. It first started in England and then spread to other nations in Europe. Within a few decades it also spread to America. When it did, it helped Americans in the following ways. 

First, the standard of living for people rose. They key point here is that the standard of living rose for all people, not just the wealthy. This is important, because unless the whole populous rises, society does not develop. 

Second, due to more production of food and other resources, the population also grew. In fact, we can speak of a population explosion. With this growth, cities also began to grow, which was the beginning of urbanization. 

Third, there was also a technology boom. For example, Eli Whitney created the cotton gin. Samuel F. B. Morse created the telegraph, and the first national railroad was also built (Cumberland railroad). Then there were the steam engine ships and the building of the Erie Canal. 

All of these things created a more modern country. All of this set the stage for what America is today. 

shmindle | Student

In addition, three other ways the industrial revolution affected America:

1. Jobs: With an increasing number of factories in the cities, more spots became available for workers to take, which resulted in a more distinctive middle class.

2. Migration: Closely linked to the growth in jobs, many people moved from rural areas to urban cities in search for work opportunities. The industrial revolution also attracted many immigrants.

3. Transportation: Trains using steam power emerged during the industrial revolution. Better transportation was also linked to the improvement in communication.