Discuss the breakdown of the family unit in South Africa as highlighted in "Cry, the Beloved Country".

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kimfuji eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Kumalo and Msimangu recognize racial injustice. The whites have become prosperous in South Africa but the blacks live with poverty everyday. Many blacks are criminals. Msimangu's idea is that whites are not really responsible even though they made blacks live in poverty. He thinks blacks have to take more responsibility.

In this part the author recognizes that the family unit has dissolved as a part of the process of racially repressing one group, the balcks. When blacks turn to crime they are trying to take back their power but in an ineffectual way. They get into trouble and are branded as "crimminals" or social outcasts.In this sense they are responsible for their reaction to racism but not the act of oppression that is a result of racism.

Of course the main problem, as portrayed inthe book, is that the blacks are not in a position of power.They need political leaders who will fight for their cause and represent them fairly. Who will do that,if they are not a fellow black African? No one. The breakdown of the family unit is cause by racial oppression and political under representation.


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