Discuss both the poet's word choices and the form of the poem "Snow White" by Andrea Hollander Budy.

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"Snow White" is a revisionist prose poem that debunks the original tale in which a prince kisses Snow White.  Part I of the poem revises the original, and the rest of the poem is a series of rhetorical questions.  Unlike the Sexton poem "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" and the original Brothers Grimm tale, there is violence, threat of death, or witch.

The modern word choice, matter-of-fact tone, and rhetoical questions are intended for mothers, who have been burdened by the ennui of modern family life, even though they have children.  Key words are the juxtaposition of "magic sleep" vs. "plainness of your life" which shows the gulf between fantasy and reality.

The tone of the poem playfully admits that most mothers would rush to the forest in search of a prince, even if it might result in being killed by a magical apple (witch).  To prevent continuing this fantasy, the speaker admits that Snow White was kissed by Bashful, the least romantic man possible, and joined them in a kind of nature collective.


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