Discuss the blend of realistic and fantastic details in this story.

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There are many details that combine realistic with fantastic:

--The old man seems real, but his wings are enormous buzzard wings

--The fantastic creature is confined to a chicken coup

--The "old man" can speak, but his language is an incomprehensible dialect.

--a woman who has been changed into a spider arrives and relates her terrible punishment for disobeying her parents.

--The owners charge admission to see the old man.

--The old man so imprisoned in the chicken coup tolerates the infamies "with the patience of a dog who had no illusion."  He and the child both come down with the chicken pox.

--Elisenda, like a typical woman with an unwanted guest, grows very weary of the old man.  He seems to be everywhere to her.  When he leaves, she heaves a sigh.

--After appearing to be near death, the old man's wings heal and he is able to fly--"with the risky flapping of a senitel vulture."

--Elinsenda watches him until it is no longer possible because he has been eliminated as an annoyance in her life even though his fantastic appearance has brought her family wealth.