Discuss Blanche's desires in A Streetcar Named Desire. For example, one of her desires is sexual, as she is attracted to Stanley when she first sees him. What other desires does Blanche have which contribute to her inevitable tragedy? 

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One of the first things we learn about Blanche is that she longs to cling to her image of an innocent, beautiful southern belle. She proudly tells Stella that "I weigh what I weighed the summer you left Belle Reve" and asks her to "turn that over-light off! I won't be looked at in this merciless glare!" Despite the fact that she is clearly no longer the virginal belle, Blanche clings to this identity as a way of rewriting her past; if she can position herself as the naive ingénue, she has a better chance of "snaring" a man and therefore ensuring her economic stability. Thus, she desires to be seen as young and inexperienced, and this desire stands in such stark opposition to the truth that as her lies about the past begin to be revealed, her mental state unravels.

Blanche also desires storybook romantic love. Despite the fact that Mitch is clearly her intellectual inferior, she manipulates their relationship so that she can pretend Mitch is the ideal suitor and thus enact the rituals...

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