Discuss the belief of Romanticism in the world today.

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Any aspect of modern culture that emphasizes self-expression as a purpose and end in itself is almost by definition Romantic, especially if that self-expression is highly emotional. Much popular music is Romantic, and in fact it is hard to think of a modern artform that is not Romantic to some degree.

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I think that you can find modern applications of Romanticism on the web.  The notion of blogs, for example, is Romantic, in its very nature.  The emphasis on the individual self and the subjective experience is the essence of a blog.  There is a compulsion in a blog to compose one's own thoughts on various topics and express these to the world.  The exploration of the self is something upon which  the Romantic thinkers placed a great deal of primacy.  The need to express oneself in a subjective manner, away from scientific laws and edicts, became vital to the Romantic movement.  It is an interesting twist to see that the use of scientific principles and ideas in the computer can lead to individual self- expression in such a dominant manner.  The use of the blog as a way to communicate with the world one's own personal and private thoughts is a Romantic element, and something that demonstrates how Romanticism is alive today.  The need to express oneself and to do so right now, in real time as something that cannot wait, is of vital importance to a blogger and a Romantic, at the same time.

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